Why Did the Netherlands Just Cancel Anti-Russian Sanctions?

Is the Dutch Government choosing the side of the people again?

Lucien Lecarme
7 min readNov 3, 2022


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Holland has deep historical and economic ties with Russia.

The Netherlands inspired Peter the Great to open a window to Europe while he was trained as a shipwright in Amsterdam. In 1816, the Dutch Crown Prince of Orange married Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna, sister of Alexander I.

The flat country is also run like a company.

Holland, that once had a Russian Queen, is now caught in a U.S dictated geo-political war against the big bear. The sanctions are starting to backfire immensely, wrecking the pillars of the European economy.

This must not have gone unnoticed in the Hague.

Did Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and other CEOs calculate that the anti-Russia sanctions harm Dutch profits too much? Or is the anti-Putin media propaganda starting to wear off?

People ultimately choose their interests instead of mass outrage over a political war between countries they’ve never visited. They like heating in winter instead of giving an ex-actor in a jungle suit another $100 billion.

Money that is poorly monitored and spent on arms that kill real people, not politicians. Nobody seems to want war except the U.S.

What is happening in Holland?

The country seems to be the Great Reset’s spearhead. It terrorizes its farmers and makes millions on Natural Gas futures. Then it suddenly requested the EU to end a set of sanction wavers against its old friend.

Are cracks starting to appear in the GR plan to wreck the global economy to install dystopian totalitarian tech feudalism?

Holland & Rutte — Spearhead of the Great Reset

Before diving into the latest news that Holland requested a waiver of Anti-Russia sanctions to be lifted, here are some facts that show that Holland is first seated in the class of Schwab & Co when it comes to the Great Reset (GR)



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