Without the rough, there is no ride

It is the way you deal with a headwind, with life kicking you in the balls, that makes you grow as a person

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I do think part of the process is revealing what truly gives you joy and focusing on that and doing what one can to have more and more of it in their life. Janelle Sheen

This proves me times and times again to be so important. It must have to do with the frequency you are in.

Joy simply is the highest frequency to be in, it is, in fact, our natural state.

Now, not by becoming too spiritual right now.. this staying in joy state truly can be practicesd I have found. It is the negative thoughts, the fear that I describe at the start of the story, that is the challenge. The sentence: The universe got my back, is also true in my case. When you look at it: you are still alive, look around you, what did you accomplish already, what do you have? ( a fruit mixer, car, good health, some great sex once in a while? ) see how life is treating you well… and if you are having a rough time, remember this:

Without the rough, there is no ride. It is the way you deal with a headwind, with life kicking you in the balls, that makes you grow as a person

I know from my own life, that, when I look back, I am really grateful for the deep valleys I travelled across, mostly alone and feeling isolated. Some valleys took years. But without the deeps, there are no highs. It made it possible to connect on deeper levels with the people I love

By the way, the 21-day abundance meditations by Deepak Chopra is a great tool to tune into your own abundance. This feeling-whole-and-unified-kick-ass-holistic state of mind is around the corner for grabs.

Having said that, don't forget to examine your shadows. Don't bypass yourself away from your shit by just thinking flowers, bees and heaps of money flowing in like the rising sea levels.

What helped me truly is the HeartIQ modality. It helped me transform deeper trauma, embrace shadow parts and awaken my heart more. Somehow I feel that the heart-to-heart connection will become more and more important in this world. It is very needed. We got lost in our brains, our rationale while the intelligence in the heart is really: MIND BLOWING.

Ahoo, have a great day and give somebody a hug today, will you?

( and join my tribe when you feel like it)

Lucien Lecarme

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