Write for Your Grand Children, They Will Enjoy Your Legacy

The world needs real valuable content, keep on writing, it will stay forever

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Michael Horner, made a huge compliment on my blog about curation on Medium. Thank you, Michael, your comment touched me.

Also a big thanks for all the others taking time to react on my post about the new changes in Curating in Medium.

I worked in crypto for 2 years in 2 startups and write a lot about social media and that new technology is slowly introducing a network culture in our society. Medium is such a network, and the use of Algorithms makes it even more interesting to hang out there to me personally.

I see Medium as new technology and network to move blogging into the 21st century, as it is doing.

I also believe the world and its readers will cherish more and more real content not the next random Facebook post that has been posted for the sake of filling that empty ego echo chamber.

And never forget, WE are Medium, all of its writers and readers.

And it will be different for each and every one of us. For beginning writers it is an amazing school, for clever entrepreneurs writers, it is a way to make a platform to sell a product like a book or course, for the majority it is amusement and a great place to learn about everything every day.

Don't hang yourself too much up on curation. It is just one part of the game. I know it is probably connected to your deep need and wish for recognition, and YEAH, it does count sometimes.

But when your skills improve, when you build your followers here, it will become less and less important because they want your work, and know how to find you anyway. You can reach out to them through email and letters.

Yeah, why not create your own publication. I did it, and it is extra motivation to keep track and fill my crypto niche with valuable content.

A lot of happiness for me is in the artistic process, with each blog I am birthing something new into this world. Something that most probably will hang around for ever.

Don’t forget to do your SEO so your grand grand grand children will be able to find your legacy. On Medium.

Cheers, have a lovely inspired day my fellow writers and readers

It is great meeting you here

Lucien Lecarme

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